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SignAgent is the best digital platform out there to simplify wayfinding and signage management—just ask our friends at Exit. Their software allows teams collaborating on large scale wayfinding systems to design, build, and manage seamlessly. Anyone that’s seen a wayfinding strategy plan for a hospital or airport knows how difficult and crucial that is. Despite being an organization whose ultimate focus is getting someone from A to B, their brand got lost along the way as they focused on product. We partnered closely with SignAgent to articulate the defining role they play and how to articulate it both verbally and visually across every single touch point from entry to exit.


  • Brand Voice + Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Collateral

Design. Build. Manage. 

SignAgent creates through lines across the wayfinding process for owners of built environments and the environmental design and sign fabrication partners they work with. The team, their functions, and the ultimate goal of getting people where they need to go inspired the logo and tagline.

Right This Way 

The visual identity was born out of the most intuitive and modern wayfinding systems. Capturing the feeling you get when you’re lead directly to your destination without breaking stride. A thoughtful grid, bold typography, and emotive graphic elements come together to create a trusted brand that’s always on the move and with you every step of the way.

Ready to Go

We handed off a user-friendly brand identity system to SignAgent that got their team off and running across all possible touch points from their product to website, advertising, and collateral.

SignAgent offers a nuanced and complex service to multiple audiences. J2 did an exceptional job of learning what makes us tick.

–James Bosma, VP Marketing Communications

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