Discourse has not run its course.

What started as a political podcast called Lost Debate, has grown into a non-profit digital media company now known as The Branch. Their mission is to infuse more empathy and objectivity into the conversations that dominate our news cycle. As they gained steam and audiences grew, they needed a brand that more clearly represented that mission and was built to scale into all possible media channels. It was a classic case of the start-up brand needing to play catch up with the success of the growing organization. We helped their brand grow alongside its following.


  • Motion Design
  • Brand Voice + Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Web Design + Development

Dot Gain

Our media landscape is made up of dots. What was once the ink of our newspapers and magazines is now the red, greens, and blues of our screens. They hold incredible power to polarize. We co-opted those dots to create the visual identity.

Digital Soapbox

The Branch’s website houses its entire evolving catalog of content. It had to be both functional and impactful at the same time. We made it incredibly easy to navigate and discover shows, articles, and other content while making damn sure our mission was crystal clear.

Site Experienced

Utility came first as we created a user friendly experience to easily sort, find, listen, and share content. We also built in plenty of elegant bells and whistles throughout that bring the brand to the life without getting in the way.

Creating Conversation

We created a gridded system of ever-changing dots representing the power The Branch holds. These dots are our voices and the people, places and things directly impacted by them. They are the unity and division we live amongst and act as both a canvas and curtain of communication.

Creating (a) Movement

The Branch brand speaks through provocative statements and calls to action. The brand is almost always moving because the media landscape we currently live in never stops.

Getting the Good Word Out

A huge part of The Branch’s voice and reach happens through social media. We created a templated system of components to use across every app that cut through the clutter with consistency.

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