We Promise.

Philadelphia is the poorest large city in the country. More than 350,000 of our neighbors live on less than $26,000 per year as a family of four. Many are individuals living on less than $13,000 per year. This seemingly insurmountable statistic weighed heavy on the minds of public officials and even heavier on the shoulders of our communities. To even begin to shift the needle, we needed a citywide movement to broaden our understanding of poverty and hyper-focus our efforts on short term achievements proven to have a long term impact. Led by the United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey and a partnership with city government and community leaders, a plan was proposed and a commitment made – to help 100,000 people rise above the poverty line by 2025.


  • Research + Discovery
  • Brand Strategy
  • Naming
  • Brand Voice + Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Web Design + Development
  • Campaign Development
  • Video

A Foundation for Good

We had the honor of participating in the early development, research, and strategy behind this incredible initiative. We also lead socializing it amongst our city’s leaders and constituents to set ourselves up for success and set realistic expectations for progress. To inspire action, we created a brand and campaign that provoked curiosity and instilled hope while inciting an immediate call to the entire city. We believe real change can only start if we each make The Promise. We will rise above poverty.

We the Promise.
Radio :30

Our Integrated Megaphone

Through an integrated advertising campaign including digital, outdoor, print, social, radio, and television, we brought the message directly to the people from the people. Taking over the streets and airwaves of Philadelphia, we contextualized just what The Promise means and how each one us can pledge to support the effort and spread the word to help our city climb up out of poverty.

Unacceptable Truths

Capturing the attention of 4,000,000 people in a city like Philadelphia doesn’t come easy. To do so, we focused on the facts and punctuated them with reinterpreted statements ripped from our nation’s founding documents and economic textbooks alike. Gripping and powerful, bold and hopeful, we challenged Philadelphia to understand poverty as a problem we all need to solve. Now.

Website with a Cause

The web experience was built for those doing the helping and those who needed help. You can easily get the top line facts and figures of the problem and the solution. Then, when you’re ready, you can dig in much deeper. It’s all in an effort to empower and inspire taking action. The site also served as a place for those in need, with easy access to resources and services they could take advantage of in their positive progress forward.

Paying it Forward

Many partners and organizations also set out to create work for The Promise. To make sure we were always speaking the same language, we created a detailed brand guideline to serve as our unifying call to action. It clearly outlined the origins and intentions of the cause and how to successfully execute it to achieve the desired impact. To lift the city of Philadelphia out of poverty.

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