Art Igniting Change

After 30 years leading the charge for public art in Philadelphia, it was time for the Mural Arts brand to catch up to its prolific output. Inspired by the people and the paint, we developed an identity that brings chaos to order and order to chaos. It’s all rooted in a mark inspired by graffiti, but refined and incredibly flexible. Around it is a vast exercise in how form and function can come together to create a brand experience that is both inspired by and supportive of the amazing artists it is here to serve. Because Mural Arts is about all of us, what we bring to it, and the simple fact that art can inspire change.


  • Research + Discovery
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Voice + Messaging
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Campaign Development
  • Video
  • Collateral
  • Environmental Design
  • Exhibit Design

“There is something so simple, effective, and energetic about the vectorized graffiti stroke “M” that makes it instantly evocative. It has the right angle, the right spacing, the right abstraction… just, very right.”

Armin Vit
Co-Founder & Critic, Brand New

A Template for Success

A top priority for the brand overhaul was to build the entire system on a series of templates to ensure the internal Mural Arts team could take the reins once the new designs were developed. From the divisional brochures and annual reports to flyers, posters, and one-sheets, the entire system is developed on a series of flexible grids and templates that are reused and repurposed intentionally for internal resources and budgetary efficiency.

“J2 brought us together in new ways, to help us think about how to visualize our mission. They produced work for us that was captivating and inspiring.”

Jane Golden
Founder & Executive Director
Mural Arts Philadelphia

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