Beyond the Paint

Mural Arts is reinventing and democratizing how the public engages with art, through community-focused programming and art education. We developed new messaging and designed campaign collateral to convey the overarching message that “Mural Arts” is a lot more than just painted walls.

  • Client The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program
  • Discipline Identity, Print Design
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Telling the Mural Arts Story

We developed core narratives and a positioning statement to help communicate why, what and how Mural Arts does their work – Bold View, Diverse Perspectives, Proud City, Real Progress and Fresh Optimism. We commissioned a local sign painter to hand-letter the narratives and then incorporated them into the full suite of materials.

Hand-lettering by Christian Cantiello

Overview Book

This 24-page booklet was produced for staff to use as a flexible tool to introduce potential donors, partners and artists to the Mural Arts Program.

Annual Appeal Case Study Set

We developed a package of case studies spotlighting the challenges, solutions and outcomes of three Mural Arts projects, housed in a custom-folded enclosure.

Annual Appeal Poster

This folded poster was designed to address a common critique that the Mural Arts Program is just paint on walls. We incorporated stories from citizens who were impacted by their experiences working with Mural Arts, and included a grouping of the core narratives to showcase the positive impact Mural Arts has on Philadelphia.

“You may think we just paint the city…
but the deeper you look, the more you’ll see…
our greatest impact lies beyond the paint.”

Annual Report

Inspired by Mural Arts’ project “Philly Painting”, the cover of the 2012-2013 report uses simple, colorful stripes as a stark contrast to the image-heavy interior pages. We incorporated short sheets throughout the book to not only pace the content, but also symbolize the many levels of work within the organization.