We recognize our role as design leaders in our community and know we can do better. We must do our part to end systemic racism and bring more diversity to the design community.

We have often let our commitment to social issues speak loudest through our clients’ work on the front lines. It’s time we commit to making more of a difference from our seat at the table. We will use our access, opportunity, and resources to support the growth of a more inclusive design community. We know we have work to do and understand this will take time. With renewed energy we have magnified our attention to making change. That is why these commitments are designed for the long-term.

We Envision

A creative working environment, more inclusive than now, driven by our individual and collective experiences, open to all, to collaborate and thrive.

We Pledge To

Become an equitable organization by continued studio-wide training and education. We will support the education of leadership and staff to understand what anti-racist principles are and how to apply them to their role at J2.


Diversify our team by hiring more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) management and staff. In order to do so, we are taking a look at the current demographics of our team as well as our hiring process to recognize and reduce bias in our evaluation of talent. We will invest in programs where we can support the design education and mentorship of BIPOC students.


Evaluate and expand our relationships with BIPOC owned and led businesses as our project partners, sub-consultants, vendors, and suppliers.


Expand our fiscal support to organizations owned by, led by, and/or serving BIPOC individuals, initiatives, and communities.


Create programmatic partnerships and volunteer programs that support organizations owned by, led by, and/or serving BIPOC individuals, initiatives, and communities.


Champion diversity and inclusion in our research, discovery, and design processes in collaboration with our clients.


We will follow this pledge and coordinated action plan towards specific goals. We will update our commitments and report on our progress.