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Good Vårfrudagen Day to You!

Waffle Day, a.k.a. “Våffeldagen” was born out of the phonetic confusion of the Swedish Holiday, “Our Lady’s day” which shares a very similar spelling (“vårfrudagen”) meaning “waffle” in Swedish. From this fortunate confusion, it's on this day, March 25th, we pay tribute to this most sweet and savory contribution to mankind.

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Philadelphia’s World Heritage City Status

The word is out: Philly is officially the first World Heritage City in the United States! With this designation, the city joins Jerusalem, Cairo, Paris, and other places around the globe, which have played major roles in the course of human history.

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Pop Pop Crunch Crunch, it’s National Popcorn Day!

This small, inflated kernel always puts a smile on people's faces evoking fond memories of great movies, games, parties, pastimes and salty-buttery goodness. Because it’s cheap, this crunchy snack became popular during the Great Depression and was easy to mass-produce. It quickly became a favorite at ball games and movie theaters, easy to enjoy while keeping eyes glued to the action.

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